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In January next, 1993, the debut of a new model - GS300. The appearance of the sports luxury sedan (that's him briefly described the manufacturer) created a famous car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, one year later GS300 has been shown in Europe at the Frankfurt Motor Show. In March, American Automobile Association (AAA) calls SC300 LS400 and the best cars in 1993 in its price range, in June, The Robb Report assigns the title of best model LS400 imported car, and in July the third consecutive Lexus ranked first in JD Power and rating Associates. In 1994, Lexus continues to collect awards and titles, even wrote about him such a publication as Popular Science, recognizing the best new LS400 year. Apparently, the novelty was considered the second-generation LS400, put on sale in November 1994 and passing through a few changes in design. In addition, Lexus is the fourth consecutive year, won a ranking JD Power and Associates customer satisfaction level. But this was not the limit - in the next, in 1995, Lexus won the same victory for the fifth time in succession - an unprecedented fact. In addition to this victory, there were many awards and titles, but a celebration of Lexus as a brand was overshadowed entered in May 1995, the U.S. Department of Commerce proposal to establish 100%-GOVERNMENTAL duties on certain models of luxury cars made ​​in Japan, in particular, on the whole range of Lexus. The introduction of these tariffs threatened the loss of nearly 8000 people employed in enterprises, in one way or another connected with the Lexus. But in June, the U.S. and Japan reached an agreement whereby the impending trade war has been and is not broke. 1996 began with the appearance of the first SUV in the lineup Lexus - LX450. It was a luxury version of the Toyota Land Cruiser in the body of 80-series, "Beauty and the Beast in a bottle" - the indisputable advantages offroadnye Land Cruiser Plus leksusovskaya luxury. With this combination of Lexus has taken possession of manufacturers of SUVs and soon won and there, becoming the leader in sales in just two months. By the number of cars sold Lexus surpassed even the Range Rover. In addition to this victory, in January, said a Lexus milestone in its history, how to achieve a mark of 500 thousand cars sold. In April, Lexus and Coach, a well-known manufacturer of high quality leather products, announce their collaboration on future limited edition models ES300, and in July the magazine Automobile Magazine named the LS400 in 24 of the most important vehicles century. In September, the public was shown a second generation ES300, get a longer body (length has increased by 6 cm), a smooth shape, with new luxury options, and thus a much lower price than its predecessor. In December, the new ES300 has received the award from AAA in the price range of 25 to 30 thousand dollars.  In January 1997, at the International Auto Show in Detroit, Lexus concept car exhibited HPS (High Performance Sedan), the predecessor of the new generation model GS300. HPS was equipped with a 4-liter V8 engine with a system VVT-i. In February, at the auto show in Chicago was shown another concept from Lexus - SLV (Sport Luxury Vehicle); it embodies his vision of a company car, which combines comfort and luxury sedan road characteristics midsize SUV. Later, in March of that year, the company announced that this concept goes into production under the name RX300 (in Japan - Toyota Harrier); beginning of its production had been scheduled for the first half of 1998. And in September there was a significant upgrade to the model range: SC400/300 been restyled, updated design and new options for LS400, and, besides, was released the second generation of the sedan GS400/300. All of the above models are now also equipped with engines with toyotovskoy system VVT-i. Updated GS400/300 immediately received favorable reviews press in October Consumers Digest called it a "best buy" in the category of luxury cars, Popular Science awards the title of "best news" and Motor Trend - the title of best import car of the year. In November GS400 is a leader in the price range of 40 to 50 thousand dollars according to AAA. Completed in 1997 for another company record for the number of sales (97,593 cars for 1997 - 20% more than were sold in the previous year, 1996), and another novelty in the lineup: the International Auto Show in Los Angeles in December , Lexus introduced to the public LX470 - which replaced the LX450 luxury SUV, the Toyota Land Cruiser analogue bodies in 100 series.  In March 1998, LX470 starts to be sold through a network of 147 American dealers Lexus; with him to start selling the previously announced RX300, which already allows company to claim its own line of luxury SUVs. Then, in March, Lexus announced its sponsorship of the upcoming big U.S. tour of the famous musician, Eric Clapton. Sales rose steadily (to which many contributed, for example, the appearance RX300) - only for April 1998 was sold 12 364 cars Lexus. And in May, for example, 14 620 were sold in July - 14 673 in August - 16949. Lexus surpassed sales in the U.S. such famous brands as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac and Lincoln, standing at the period in time, the leading brand in the U.S. luxury car market. These market to achieve an active interspersed with awards from market experts, for example, received seventh consecutive title in the ranking leader of JD Power and Associates for customer satisfaction. In October, the magazine Motor Trend, appropriating the title of the car, in different categories, called the RX300 SUV, the best sports, it is noteworthy that this category (Sport / Utility of the Year) journal established for the first time, that is directly associated with the hugely popular RX300. January 1999 - Another innovation from Lexus: compact sport-sedan IS200, shown in Detroit (the Japanese equivalent - Toyota Altezza). In March of that year, the fifth year in a row Lexus leads the ranking of JD Power and Associates, showing the fewest problems after five years of operation of the vehicle. Then, in spring 1999, IS200 began selling in Europe. And in September, said Lexus memorable date - 10 years from the date of sale of the first car of its brand in the U.S.. Two months later, in November, the company celebrated another anniversary - in the United States has sold one million car Lexus. In December, summing up the year, the company was convinced that we can celebrate yet, and that U.S. sales are growing for the fourth consecutive year, in addition, for the year 1999 more than twice increased European sales. The lion's share of vehicles sold per year in Europe Lexus cars was a new model IS200. The beginning of 2000, as has become customary, it was noted updates. In January, the Los Angeles Lexus demonstrates a variation on a theme quickly became popular IS200 - IS300, and put up in Detroit, the reincarnation of the legendary company's model for LS400 - LS430. The new flagship of was equipped with the latest technology and design: a navigation system, DVD, leather and walnut wood in the cabin, engine V8 volume of 4300 cc, 280 hp and 417 Nm of torque, acceleration to 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds, 5-speed automatic transmission. Everything else, LS430 had the lowest drag coefficient in its class. In April 2000, at an auto show in New York City Lexus announced the imminent appearance of the model SC430. In the same month the company announced that by 2003 RX300 will be available at car factory of Toyota in Canada (before collecting your Lexus cars in Japan only). In June, IS300 goes on sale in August, Lexus became the first U.S. import luxury brand, selling over 20,000 copies of their cars for the month in September to replace the GS400 model comes GS430. In October, went into a series of LS430. Results in 2000 showed that at this time (for the fifth consecutive year) Lexus has increased its sales, ahead of all other luxury brands in the automotive market in the U.S.. In January 2001, Toyota announced that the engines and suspension models for RX300 will be made ​​on its plant in Buffalo. At the same time at the Detroit auto show were shown models such as the IS300 SportCross, IS300 Manual Transmission and already preparing for an early start in the production of SC430. IS300 SportCross equipped with such an option, as the buttons on the steering wheel gear, allowing manual without the help of automatic transmissions, manipulate the gears. IS300 Manual Transmission, as the name implies, instead of an automatic transmission equipped with manual transmission. In March, started selling SC430; this time orders for it have already been booked until the end of the year. The design of this hardtop that can in 25 seconds without any effort from the driver to turn into an open compartment, was developed in the Lexus European Design and Development Centre on the French Riviera. In August and IS300 SportCross IS300 Manual Transmission went on sale, and in October began selling fully updated third generation ES300 - more luxurious, more spacious, giving more comfort, style and driving pleasure. In 2002, Lexus has its first official dealer in Russia - it was the company - "Lexus-Business Car" in Moscow (one year of authorized dealers in Moscow was two). In June of that year the U.S. went out on the screens of the next blockbuster of a famous master of the cinematic genre - Steven Spielberg. The film was called (in the Russian box office - "Minority Report"), and a car for the main character is developed by Lexus. Red concept that runs on fuel cells, become a significant element of the video. In addition to this introduction to the field of art cinema, Lexus continued to develop new versions of its production models - appeared at the Paris Motor Show IS200 SportCross, equipped with a 2-liter engine with a system VVT-i. In November 2002 the U.S. began selling a new model - Lexus GX470, characterized by "rough luxury". This SUV (sold in Japan, its counterpart - Toyota Land Cruiser Prado at the last moment of this writing, the model in the back of 120th series) equipped with a suspension that can vary in height depending on driving style (full off-road or smooth highway) for the optimal control the machine. In the spring of 2003, in March, at the Auto Show in Detroit, Lexus introduced the successor to its well-known model RX300 - more dynamic and modern RX330, equipped with a larger engine to 3300 cc in volume, the latest technological advances, luxury options, with the body, the size of a few superior body predecessor. This model, as before, was intended for the U.S. market. For Europe the same version was provided with 3-liter engine, called still RX300; the sale of the new items on the European market began in May 2003 and for the first month on the number of copies sold RX300 surpassed all competitors in its class. Then, in May, at an auto show in New York conducted the premiere of Lexus concept car - HPX (High Performance Crossover). This concept, which combines the features of an SUV and a sedan - a step towards more and more actively growing market crossovers. In September, as planned, started assembling cars in the factory Lexus Toyota in Cambridge, Canada. In addition, in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show Lexus held the premiere of an updated version of the flagship of its model range - LS430 . Lexus plans for the future ideas such as the completion of its line of diesel engine models for the European market (where diesels are popular because of more favorable in the environmental terms of the exhaust), and hybrid - for the U.S. market, where hybrids are gaining increasing popularity, the production in 2005, a new generation GS430, over which is currently running a completely new team of designers and constructors; promotion in the same 2005 a brand on the market in Japan where it is in fact little is known. In 2006, the company plans to nominate a new level - a super-deluxe, dominated by such giants as Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Maybach. Of these plans indicates widespread information company that plans to introduce Lexus sedan that will replace the use of the imperial family of Toyota Century . In general, the history of Lexus continues and lasts a very, very successfully, and not limited to the U.S. market, which initially were designed its cars. This is evidenced by awards from the mass media, and first place in a variety of ratings (in this article are by no means everyone wins Lexus, for the mere enumeration would take too much space), and many accolades about the cars of this brand. And this they certainly deserve, combining equally excellent comfort, a recognizable style and unmatched Japanese quality. A significant role in the success of Lexus played and customer relationships, service which originally received careful attention. In addition, Lexus is sponsoring a variety of long activities related to sports, arts, environment, etc.