2014 Car Altima Multiple Technology Preview

Posted by zideacamp on Tuesday

Nissan's primary mid-size automobile gets an change next season, when the all-new 2013 Car Altima debuts. The following season, the 2014 Altima will function an all-new Nissan-designed powertrain that functions the Altima's first multiple powerplant. The entire specifications of the program have not yet been published, but at a technological innovation briefing in Seattle, we were able to uncover some information of the long run multiple.

The Engine

A supercharger will feast the new 2.5-liter four-cylinder powerplant used in the multiple Altima. Car says this outcomes in a strong increase of twisting at a low rpm. Why not a turbo? Designers described that a turbocompresseur would need immediate energy procedure method, and that would run up the price. The supercharger allows Car to use the less costly slot energy procedure method.

Nissan already functions a 1.2-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder powerplant in its Micra. That lesser displacement powerplant will also be given the multiple procedure method and discover itself in a upcoming little car in the U.S., according to places in Seattle.

The 2.5-liter multiple drivetrain is joined with a new CVT indication that we had a opportunity to example in a present Altima. The new CVT is said to offer about a 10 % development in gas mileage, thanks to a 40 % decrease in rubbing that comes mostly from lower-viscosity substance, a more powerful push, and company travel.

The new indication has a broader products distribute as well, for more quickly off-the-line breaks and cheaper touring rpm. At 50 mph, an Altima’s powerplant with the present CVT revs at about 1500 rpm. The new indication will fall that variety by about 400 rpm at the same pace. This new indication is light than the old one, too.

The Drive

On Nissan’s examine observe, the diminished rpms are certainly recognizable. At road rates of pace, the present Altima with the new CVT was silent and more peaceful. But floorboards the reduce and it seemed more sprightly and much less like a common CVT. The transmission’s simulated products changes were much more like those of a standard automatic—more immediate and less like the flexible think tends to determine CVT signals. In our brief try, the new CVT was an outstanding progress.

The Electronics

The new program uses a one-electric-motor, two-clutch style that is fed by a lithium-ion battery energy. It’s identical in idea to the one used in the Infiniti M Hybrid. But here, the structure has been altered to operate in a front-wheel-drive structure.

The energy supply will be only about 50 % as huge as the 1.3-kwh group in the Infiniti. However, a Car professional says, in addition to the new revved-up four-cylinder, it would offer about the same energy outcome as the present 3.5-liter V-6: around 270 hp. And we’d be stunned if the new Altima multiple do not come back at least 40 mpg mixed when it gets there in two a long time.

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