Top Cars to Consider for 2012 – 2012 Car Reviews

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Many U.S. consumers wait until the last part of the model year for the purchase of their vehicles or waiting until they can find a car that is one year, with low miles. Regardless of when you purchase your vehicle always make sure you know what you are buying a vehicle inspection service before purchasing.

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Cars to be considered for 2012

Have you ever wondered about the cars you might consider for 2012? There are a variety including hyrbids, an electric car, a Corvette, Camaro, a Toyota, Volkswagen, a jeep, and more.

BMW i3 City Electric Car is designed to provide a driving range of 99 km away from the engine to the rear of the car. The batteries are installed on the floor. The car has been designed to be driven up to 100 miles per hour and is equal to 150 horses. Cargo can be positioned in front or behind the frame. Machine to sell $ 35,000.

Toyota Prius C is designed to offer great gas mileage because of all the hybrid cars at affordable prices. The vehicle sells for less than $ 20,000. The sports sedan is designed for "fun to drive." The manufacturer of the vehicle gives the best mileage of any hybrid cars on the road, which is not a plug-in

The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 offers up 500 horsepower V8 engine. He was scheduled to be released in the spring of 2011. Although it is designed to be refined, the vehicle of $ 45 000 must also provide a quick tour that you want.

Hyundai Veloster provide up to 40 miles per gallon, but it is larger than the Honda CR-Z Hybrid and Mini Clubman. Because of its light weight 2600 pounds. The car has a more spacious cabin, high mileage, but is not a hybrid. The vehicle is designed to give great mileage, while it is larger than the other cars that offer the same performance, and was created to be sporty at the same time. The car will sell for about $ 20,000.

Toyota / Subaru Sports Car FT-86 is lightweight and has 200 horses and 250-horsepower version of Toyota, and Subaru model. Cars are expected to sell about $ 25,000.

LZ1 Chevy Camaro

ZL1 Camaro has a V8 engine made by Cadillac, which offers 550 horsepower You can drive 0-60 mph in less than five seconds. A vehicle for sale for $ 42,000 is $ 48,000.

The Ford Focus ST has variable valve timing and direct injection 2-liter 160 horsepower. The vehicle is expected to debut in early 2012. The focus will be turbo as much as larger vehicles with an engine with 250 horsepower. Designed to be resistant tires, great brakes and suspension set. The car will sell at least $ 25,000.

Volkswagen Golf R has 280 horsepower and a six-speed transmission. The car will be available in two styles and four doors and will have gas mileage 20% better than the old Volkswagen R32. It will have a sports exhaust, new brake discs and stability control settings.

Ford has improved cooling, better tuning of the suspension, Recaro racing seats, perhaps, speed rated performance tires, and two exhaust. Could sell $ 23 000 or less.

Mitsubishi Evo XI in 2013 released in February 2012 will be bigger and more refined gives better gas consumption.

Mini paceman has 300 horsepower.

Corvette C7 is the engine, the power, 400-450, weight and better fuel economy. Could sell $ 50,000.