Low Fuel Consumption Of Hybrid Vehicles, Diesel And Small: Different Paths To A Better Mpg

Posted by zideacamp on Sunday

When the government struck an ambitious new fuel economy standard of 54.5 mpg, it is proposed to launch ii 2025, car manufacturers are working on the technology and design that will make fuel economy possible. The cars we tested for this issue reflects some of the ways that manufacturers extend the gas mileage with smaller cars and greater use of hybrid powertrains, diesel and electric.

All cars of this group returned to the very good fuel economy, ranging from 33 to 40 mpg overall. But they have been created by different buyers, and everyone has ups and downs.

Our luxury sedan Lexus 200h hybrid CT (available to subscribers) has achieved the highest test results, 71 but also had the highest price, $ 32,012. And 'powered by the same transmission used Toyota Prius and gets excellent 40 mpg overall. But the Prius is roomier and gets 44 mpg. Able to manage, but not very athletic CT. The acceleration is at peace, the ride is stiff, and the cabin is well finished, but the form-fitting and noisy.

To complete the group Volkswagen Jetta TDI diesel, Honda Civic Hybrid, and small Fiat 500 (all available to subscribers).

The Jetta sedan was redesigned for 2011. The TDI model gets 34 mpg overall, which is much better than the 25 mpg we have in the gas Jetta SE. However, diesel fuel is more expensive than regular gasoline, so you will not see savings at the pump as well. At $ 25 100, our TDI also cost much more than $ 20 300 SE.

Redesigned for 2012, the Civic Hybrid is now used in lithium ion battery that is lighter than the previous nickel-metal-hybrid units and much better fuel consumption compared to the same standard (40 mpg overall compared to 30). But the $ 24,800 Honda Civic Hybrid costs about the same base Prius, which improves gas mileage, and was much higher in our tests.

Perhaps the cheapest way to get better fuel economy is to buy a small car with a small engine. $ 18,600 The Fiat 500 fits that description. Generally expected in the United States when the Italian carmaker has hired Chrysler 500 is a retro style sports car, which competes with the Mini Cooper. 500, 1.4-liter four-cylinder will help to achieve the economy of 33 mpg full tank of fuel, even if the acceleration is at peace. Passengers Ride Experience also rough, noisy cabin and a narrow rear seats in this small car.

None of the vehicles we have tested this problem is recommended. CT 200h, and the Jetta TDI is too new, so you can be reliable information. Honda Civic Hybrid and 500 have been placed too low in our tests to be recommended.

More efficient vehicles on the road. We are currently testing the Nissan Leaf, the dominant first fully electric cars. And hybrid electric versions of the new design for 2012 Ford Focus is to come, as a plug-in and a wagon version of the Prius. A diesel version of the Chevrolet Cruze will come in 2013 with the Chevrolet Spark mini-car. Among the new gasoline cars, the redesigned Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio has recently been sold. Soon will be revamped versions of the Nissan Versa and Toyota Yaris and the new Sonic Chevrolet.