China Brilliance has become a Russian "Gzhelka'

Posted by zideacamp on Friday

Known until now only a wonderful crafts, will be "habitat" of the first instances of the Chinese version of BMW - the model representation sedan Brilliance, which started production IRITO. The piquancy of the situation is that the official distributor of the brand in the domestic market is another Russian company.

It is assumed that in April, the machine should already be available for sale. While we are talking about one model, and small quantities - 100 cars per month. But if the project is successful, promises to bring IRITO in 2009, a second model and increase production. In turn, the exclusive Russian distributor of Brilliance - holding "Atlant-M" - is not waived this model.

Brilliance M2 - sedan class D - issued in the Chinese city of Shenyang in the company, which was built in conjunction with BMW, and is very similar to the BMW both externally and "filling". In 2007 it was made more than 80 thousand cars of this model. In November, the Chinese press reported that Brilliance and IRITO built over the next five years, auto plant in Russia. According to the newspaper, Brilliance plans to invest in Russian projects $ 1.18 billion, production capacity is 10 thousand cars, and in the long term - more than 100 thousand

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