Car REviews - Obzor Cars Brilians M2 (Brilliance M2)

Posted by zideacamp on Friday

On our streets is not so much Briliance M2, but has all the prerequisites that the car has a good future. Keen interest in the vehicle, the public now and then appears. Painted in bright red, the car brand Brilliance M2 model fixed the gaze of passers-by.

Yes, Brilians M2 bears little resemblance to anything that comes our from under heaven. The car actually looks very impressive and quite seriously. It seems that this is influenced by the fact that Brilliance M2 Junjie released at the same factory with BMW, whose sales are focused on the Asian market. But contrary to popular opinion about what China can only imitate and make cheap copies of brand Brilliance M2 presented in completely separate and unique design. Almost independent, because the others are doing exterior design studio under the name of Italdesign. We do not know how much it cost to concern the order, but, judging by the work made evident that the Italian firm of Philo.

Brilliance M2 sedan to be a rather neat, if not solid. This reliability is reinforced by the build quality: color level, the gaps are perfect, and car parts that are prone to corrosion, such as wheel arches, have several layers of protection. Brand Brilliance M2 model is good and the inside. However, there is complete identity. No need to be an avid car enthusiasts, to determine where to painted front panel M2. Well, what is there to wonder, because the model is in demand right on the next line. However, in defense say that it is not sketched a blueprint, but only borrowed the contours, the creators of this car gives the interior a recognizable and coveted for many traits. Not a bad course in marketing. Well, with the features sorted out now about the quality. And it must be admitted to a pretty high level. Plastic, which rang under the blows of the tiles and the smell of phenol has a brand Brilliance M2 model is not in sight. Even some American models would envy, the fact of what and how to make the interior machine. But there will still honest and acknowledge that some of the things manufacturers mark models Brilliance M2 saved. This is evident in the paint, which is on the CD-player, made the inscription. As it is clear that it will take time and it will not. However, it is a detail which can even close your eyes.

But on the M2 Brilians reviews state that the paddle switches are not very convenient: it is very far from the steering wheel, and they have to really stretch. Clearly, that time will pass and you'll get used to it, or grow your fingers, but still, how long to wait then? The rest of ergonomics brand manufacturers Brilliance M2 model came more serious and more claims against it does not. Even the standard basic set of Brilliance M2 price is very affordable, is actually a maximum, since it includes everything from system to stabilize the electric window with closers.

It's a pity only that the manufacturers have supplied Brilliance M2 only one engine. The machine is equipped with a 1.8-liter engine from Mitsubishi, whose power of 136 hp With the duties he copes well. With him you're not a fair oschuschaesh black car in the flow of the city, but that anneal it will not work. At low revs pulling is not bad, but without a hitch, but to get the full power of the engine brand Brilliance models M2 to turn right up to 4000 rpm. Peak torque is reached only when the motor is 5000 rpm. It is a pity, because the suspension tuning is designed so that it seems as if the car could cope with more power, while not losing control. At the same brand manufacturers Mitsubishi Brilliance M2 to borrow and the chassis. For the most part it is similar to the previous generation Galant suspension, which focuses on the U.S. market, with one difference is that this car is more enchanted by the dynamic driving than comfort. On it does not mean that the machine is unable to be comfortable. About Brilliance M2 reviewers say you need to select just a straight road. And then you catch up with happiness, however, is quite expensive, because in the M2 Brilians price is quite small, but in terms of price quality he has few rivals in Russia. On iznosostokoysti judge until hard, but the warranty to two years or 50,000 kilometers suggests that Brilliance M2 parts you'll buy less frequently. Although Ukraine's warranty of five years or a hundred thousand kilometers, the country causes of such discrimination.

Another not unimportant aspect is that in heaven, turn on the car is half a year. This is despite the fact that there cars are doing, almost in every village. This means that manufacturers brand Brilliance in M2 did their best.

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