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Chinese carmaker Beijing Automobile Works Co. Founded in 1958 and is one of the biggest concerns for the production of trucks in China. Today the company produces more than 150 BAW types of vehicles such as pickup, minivan, light trucks, special vehicles and military vehicles for the Chinese army.

Headquartered in Beijing. Two plants per year produced 100 000 cars. Company Beijing Automobile Works Co. has branches in Russia, South Africa, Cuba and Zimbabwe. The distribution network covers 60 countries.

Trucks Company - is the pride of the Chinese group in the production of commercial vehicles acquired fans around the world. They combine excellent quality, attractive price, practicality, functionality and adaptability to the roads of any complexity. Everyone who has ever sat behind the wheel of the truck, spoke of him only positive words about their ruggedness, endurance, low-cost service.

The family truck company Beijing Automobile Works Co. a variety of these models, allowing anyone who wants to buy a machine that is ideally suited for specific tasks. One such model - a Chinese truck BAW fenix, official platform for any kind of add-ins: a tow truck, van or tent. Turbocharged diesel engine gives it the strongest power, better insulation and heating the cab driver let him feel comfortable.

Another variant of these trucks belong to the family Tonik, relating to the urban form of commercial vehicles. These machines have been successfully used to transport goods and raw materials in busy roads of major cities. Lightweight and compact, they are good maneuver, but a powerful engine allows you to quickly and easily move around with heavy loads. Another important advantage of these miniature vehicles is that they are not allowed to enter the city center, while large cars have on this ban.

If you want to buy a reliable, maintainability and cost-effective commercial vehicle, then make a choice for company cars Beijing Automobile Works Co., And you never will not miss that.


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