Car Review - The Cattle Post Has A New Friend

Posted by zideacamp on Tuesday

Car Review - For a long off-road segment was dominated by Bakkies Toyota Hilux, but lately, the driver of the SUV made a round of other brands so the success of the Nissan Hardbody and Navara among other brands. Now a new player in town, with the launch of the new Volkswagen Amarok.

The car was placed on local streets during the last month is a breath of fresh air in this very competitive segment. This is a great barbecue with a large carved panel VW gives the appearance dominant hard to machine.

Under the hood of Amarok can boast a two-liter diesel EDTIB begins 400nm of torque and about 120 kilowatts. A change of gearbox six-speed manual will give you a pretty good balance, as such, you will never get a sense of encouraging the use low power on or off road.

The German automaker says the Amarok has a fuel economy figure of 7.9l/100km, but a more accurate figure looming out there and is quite impressive given the size of the beast "voluptuous.

Those who are environmentally conscious, but they still need to drive a pickup truck is great to feel less guilty of pollution Amarok is the amount of C02 208g/km, is the best character for this segment. Amarok is available in Double Cab variant of this engine, and two options for a turbocharged 90 kW TDI engine and a 120kW EDTIB mentioned in this article.

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