BMW X1 Kitajskij Bliznec Ready to Debut

Posted by zideacamp on Friday

Corporation brilliance, inexplicably canceled at the last minute presentation at the Shanghai International Exhibition of the first crossover brand, however, recently, "enlightened" A3 car for final sea trials

The new compact "SUV" of the Middle Kingdom is almost an exact copy of the BMW X1 crossover, which, incidentally, is not surprising, since the concern of Bavaria, as an official partner of brightness, a Chinese company helped develop the car . During the exploration of the "SUV" Paparazzi do not hesitate to take this opportunity to familiarize with the design of the cabin, where the modern form of the center console makes the fashion "and" panel and gear, made in the style of "poker" Volkswagen DSG transmission.

Choice of petrol engines is not rich Brilliance A3: 1.6-liter 118 hp and 151 Nm of torque and 136 hp 1.5-liter turbo and torque of 200 Nm Brilliance A3, built on a single platform with the 530 sedan, a performance monoprivodnom and all-wheel drive system.

Market value of China, "China BMW X1," will be about $ 21 000 a machine delivered to Russia - not yet published. Please note that two years ago, planned to build a trademark of Brilliance joint venture with iritis, but these plans were not realized.

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