Low Fuel Consumption Of Hybrid Vehicles, Diesel And Small: Different Paths To A Better Mpg

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When the government struck an ambitious new fuel economy standard of 54.5 mpg, it is proposed to launch ii 2025, car manufacturers are working on the technology and design that will make fuel economy possible. The cars we tested for this issue reflects some of the ways that manufacturers extend the gas mileage with smaller cars and greater use of hybrid powertrains, diesel and electric.

All cars of this group returned to the very good fuel economy, ranging from 33 to 40 mpg overall. But they have been created by different buyers, and everyone has ups and downs.

Our luxury sedan Lexus 200h hybrid CT (available to subscribers) has achieved the highest test results, 71 but also had the highest price, $ 32,012. And 'powered by the same transmission used Toyota Prius and gets excellent 40 mpg overall. But the Prius is roomier and gets 44 mpg. Able to manage, but not very athletic CT. The acceleration is at peace, the ride is stiff, and the cabin is well finished, but the form-fitting and noisy.

To complete the group Volkswagen Jetta TDI diesel, Honda Civic Hybrid, and small Fiat 500 (all available to subscribers).

The Jetta sedan was redesigned for 2011. The TDI model gets 34 mpg overall, which is much better than the 25 mpg we have in the gas Jetta SE. However, diesel fuel is more expensive than regular gasoline, so you will not see savings at the pump as well. At $ 25 100, our TDI also cost much more than $ 20 300 SE.

Redesigned for 2012, the Civic Hybrid is now used in lithium ion battery that is lighter than the previous nickel-metal-hybrid units and much better fuel consumption compared to the same standard (40 mpg overall compared to 30). But the $ 24,800 Honda Civic Hybrid costs about the same base Prius, which improves gas mileage, and was much higher in our tests.

Perhaps the cheapest way to get better fuel economy is to buy a small car with a small engine. $ 18,600 The Fiat 500 fits that description. Generally expected in the United States when the Italian carmaker has hired Chrysler 500 is a retro style sports car, which competes with the Mini Cooper. 500, 1.4-liter four-cylinder will help to achieve the economy of 33 mpg full tank of fuel, even if the acceleration is at peace. Passengers Ride Experience also rough, noisy cabin and a narrow rear seats in this small car.

None of the vehicles we have tested this problem is recommended. CT 200h, and the Jetta TDI is too new, so you can be reliable information. Honda Civic Hybrid and 500 have been placed too low in our tests to be recommended.

More efficient vehicles on the road. We are currently testing the Nissan Leaf, the dominant first fully electric cars. And hybrid electric versions of the new design for 2012 Ford Focus is to come, as a plug-in and a wagon version of the Prius. A diesel version of the Chevrolet Cruze will come in 2013 with the Chevrolet Spark mini-car. Among the new gasoline cars, the redesigned Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio has recently been sold. Soon will be revamped versions of the Nissan Versa and Toyota Yaris and the new Sonic Chevrolet.
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Luxury Sedans Are No Losers Here: Hyundai Genesis Vertices Of A Competitive Group

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You can look at the luxury sedan in two ways: a luxury car at an affordable price, too expensive, and family saloons. Retail medium-low $ 30,000 range $ 40,000, are usually nice, quiet and reasonably luxurious, and offers numerous services, including many of the latest security sticker price, which has no rival a small house. But if you give a few extras and maybe a small inner room, one of the higher-trim-family sedans like the V6-powered Honda and Nissan Altima, a similar performance and sophistication, but pays about $ 10,000 less.

In this issue, we tested the Hyundai Genesis, the Toyota Avalon, Acura TL and the Chrysler 300 (all available to subscribers). All have been recently renovated and are among the best luxury sedans.

Genesis is our Ratings (available to subscribers) in this category, since the February 2009 issue (subscribers), when the six-cylinder versions of the first cut from the Lexus ES 350 Genesis received a minor freshening for 2012, when he was softer, more comfortable, more powerful V6 direct injection engine and more fuel efficient eight-speed automatic, which improves gas mileage 1 mpg. Overall, the car's performance is the same as last year's model, and the result is still an excellent 92

The Avalon has always been known as a cruise roomy, smooth ride. Propulsion system offers a safe handling and grip, but no one confuse the Avalon with a sports sedan. In 2011, he received a luxurious interior with a design for better control and better fit and finish.

Like Genesis, the TL received a new automatic transmission 2012 (a six-speed), which improved its overall fuel economy by 1 mpg. Its 24 mpg is now the best in this class. The TL does not differ in any field, but is a solid car with quick acceleration, a powertrain polish, and a nice handling most of the time. It is also the only model in the class outside the Lexus has had an excellent reliability predicts.

Revised in 2011, the Chrysler 300 is the best car we've seen in recent decades, jumping from the test score 80 from 64 the previous model of mediocrity. 300C is a fast, muscular 5.7-liter V8 is now complemented by handling and comfortable ride. And thanks for a great update, its spacious interior is now quieter and more luxurious. The main disadvantage of our V8-powered 300 is the 18-mpg fuel economy, which is dominated by the lowest class smaller V6 engines. 300's sister company, the Dodge Charger, got 21 mpg when we tested the V6.

AS-tested price of this group range from $ 36.465 TL is the 300C is $ 44.730. All models except that the review recommended Chrysler 300, which we have no reliable data.
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China Brilliance has become a Russian "Gzhelka'

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Known until now only a wonderful crafts, will be "habitat" of the first instances of the Chinese version of BMW - the model representation sedan Brilliance, which started production IRITO. The piquancy of the situation is that the official distributor of the brand in the domestic market is another Russian company.

It is assumed that in April, the machine should already be available for sale. While we are talking about one model, and small quantities - 100 cars per month. But if the project is successful, promises to bring IRITO in 2009, a second model and increase production. In turn, the exclusive Russian distributor of Brilliance - holding "Atlant-M" - is not waived this model.

Brilliance M2 - sedan class D - issued in the Chinese city of Shenyang in the company, which was built in conjunction with BMW, and is very similar to the BMW both externally and "filling". In 2007 it was made more than 80 thousand cars of this model. In November, the Chinese press reported that Brilliance and IRITO built over the next five years, auto plant in Russia. According to the newspaper, Brilliance plans to invest in Russian projects $ 1.18 billion, production capacity is 10 thousand cars, and in the long term - more than 100 thousand

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The New Chinese Sedan on His Way to Europe

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Brilliance, one of China's largest automakers, sends in his new touring Europe BS4, which should reach the market of the Old World in the coming months.

If Brilliance BS4 wagon still appear in Europe, it will make the company BS6 sedans and BS4, which so far without much success trying to win the love of European motorists.

The company noted that today Wagon Brilliance BS4 is the necessary procedure to get permission to conquer the European market, said the publication Automotive News. To obtain this permission, the car will need to try to show the crash test results acceptable.

While the concern did not specify the cost of touring, but, according to preliminary data, the model will cost about $ 25 000.

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BMW X1 Kitajskij Bliznec Ready to Debut

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Corporation brilliance, inexplicably canceled at the last minute presentation at the Shanghai International Exhibition of the first crossover brand, however, recently, "enlightened" A3 car for final sea trials

The new compact "SUV" of the Middle Kingdom is almost an exact copy of the BMW X1 crossover, which, incidentally, is not surprising, since the concern of Bavaria, as an official partner of brightness, a Chinese company helped develop the car . During the exploration of the "SUV" Paparazzi do not hesitate to take this opportunity to familiarize with the design of the cabin, where the modern form of the center console makes the fashion "and" panel and gear, made in the style of "poker" Volkswagen DSG transmission.

Choice of petrol engines is not rich Brilliance A3: 1.6-liter 118 hp and 151 Nm of torque and 136 hp 1.5-liter turbo and torque of 200 Nm Brilliance A3, built on a single platform with the 530 sedan, a performance monoprivodnom and all-wheel drive system.

Market value of China, "China BMW X1," will be about $ 21 000 a machine delivered to Russia - not yet published. Please note that two years ago, planned to build a trademark of Brilliance joint venture with iritis, but these plans were not realized.

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Car Reviews - Brilliance in Moscow

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At this exhibition the company will organize the first exhibition Brilliance with the exclusive distributor of the territory of Russia - by iritis. On the stand will feature two new items, sales of which recently launched in China: the hatchback class "C» Brilliance FRV and sports coupe Brilliance M3.

FRV model was first demonstrated as a concept car at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2007, where he was awarded "Best New Development" and the Beijing International Motor Show in April of 2008 the company introduced the serial model, released in a new production line in Shenyang .

Design of the car involved in their own scientific and technical center Brilliance, but its design is developed by the famous Italian atelier Giorgio Giugiaro and Fabrizio, and the suspension being finalized with the participation of specialists from Porsche.

The car is equipped with one of two 16-valve engines: 1.3-liter capacity of 85 hp or 1.6-liter capacity 107 hp The first power unit is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission, while the second engine can be aggregated as a "mechanics" and a 4-step "automatic". Depending on the type of engine and transmission, the minimum fuel consumption varies between 6.5 - 7.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

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Car Reviews - Car BAW

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Chinese carmaker Beijing Automobile Works Co. Founded in 1958 and is one of the biggest concerns for the production of trucks in China. Today the company produces more than 150 BAW types of vehicles such as pickup, minivan, light trucks, special vehicles and military vehicles for the Chinese army.

Headquartered in Beijing. Two plants per year produced 100 000 cars. Company Beijing Automobile Works Co. has branches in Russia, South Africa, Cuba and Zimbabwe. The distribution network covers 60 countries.

Trucks Company - is the pride of the Chinese group in the production of commercial vehicles acquired fans around the world. They combine excellent quality, attractive price, practicality, functionality and adaptability to the roads of any complexity. Everyone who has ever sat behind the wheel of the truck, spoke of him only positive words about their ruggedness, endurance, low-cost service.

The family truck company Beijing Automobile Works Co. a variety of these models, allowing anyone who wants to buy a machine that is ideally suited for specific tasks. One such model - a Chinese truck BAW fenix, official platform for any kind of add-ins: a tow truck, van or tent. Turbocharged diesel engine gives it the strongest power, better insulation and heating the cab driver let him feel comfortable.

Another variant of these trucks belong to the family Tonik, relating to the urban form of commercial vehicles. These machines have been successfully used to transport goods and raw materials in busy roads of major cities. Lightweight and compact, they are good maneuver, but a powerful engine allows you to quickly and easily move around with heavy loads. Another important advantage of these miniature vehicles is that they are not allowed to enter the city center, while large cars have on this ban.

If you want to buy a reliable, maintainability and cost-effective commercial vehicle, then make a choice for company cars Beijing Automobile Works Co., And you never will not miss that.

Source: http://chinascar.ru

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Beijing 2010: BAW C71 And C60 - Unknown Model With a Known Design

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Company BAW, owned concern BAIC, late last year to buy out Saab for $ 200 million rights to this generation and the old 9-3 sedan 9-5, as well as engines and transmissions, introduced on the international auto show Chinese version of the Swedish cars.

Upgraded Saab 9-5 sedan was the index of C71 and an electric power plant, the characteristics of which are kept secret. From Swedish car concept car its modern head optics, a new grille, bumpers and other taillights.

The second newcomer to the BAW International Auto Show in Beijing became Sedan C60, built around the Saab 9-3. Against the background of a "donor" novelty stands slightly upgraded tail lights, bumpers, new grille. In contrast to BAW C71 car is equipped with a power plant, and an internal combustion engine. Specifications its also not reported.

According to Carscoop, BAW C60 will be equipped with a 1.8-liter engine in the atmospheric and turbo performance, and production version of the C71 addition to the electric machine is to get a turbocharged 2.3-liter engine capacity. For sale two new items appear in the local market next year.

In Beijing, the Chinese company BAW at its booth fielded two crossover - a hybrid car B90, which discern the features of Range Rover, and the model of B40, was created based on the Jeep Wrangler.

source: www.kolesa.ru

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Car REviews - Obzor Cars Brilians M2 (Brilliance M2)

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On our streets is not so much Briliance M2, but has all the prerequisites that the car has a good future. Keen interest in the vehicle, the public now and then appears. Painted in bright red, the car brand Brilliance M2 model fixed the gaze of passers-by.

Yes, Brilians M2 bears little resemblance to anything that comes our from under heaven. The car actually looks very impressive and quite seriously. It seems that this is influenced by the fact that Brilliance M2 Junjie released at the same factory with BMW, whose sales are focused on the Asian market. But contrary to popular opinion about what China can only imitate and make cheap copies of brand Brilliance M2 presented in completely separate and unique design. Almost independent, because the others are doing exterior design studio under the name of Italdesign. We do not know how much it cost to concern the order, but, judging by the work made evident that the Italian firm of Philo.

Brilliance M2 sedan to be a rather neat, if not solid. This reliability is reinforced by the build quality: color level, the gaps are perfect, and car parts that are prone to corrosion, such as wheel arches, have several layers of protection. Brand Brilliance M2 model is good and the inside. However, there is complete identity. No need to be an avid car enthusiasts, to determine where to painted front panel M2. Well, what is there to wonder, because the model is in demand right on the next line. However, in defense say that it is not sketched a blueprint, but only borrowed the contours, the creators of this car gives the interior a recognizable and coveted for many traits. Not a bad course in marketing. Well, with the features sorted out now about the quality. And it must be admitted to a pretty high level. Plastic, which rang under the blows of the tiles and the smell of phenol has a brand Brilliance M2 model is not in sight. Even some American models would envy, the fact of what and how to make the interior machine. But there will still honest and acknowledge that some of the things manufacturers mark models Brilliance M2 saved. This is evident in the paint, which is on the CD-player, made the inscription. As it is clear that it will take time and it will not. However, it is a detail which can even close your eyes.

But on the M2 Brilians reviews state that the paddle switches are not very convenient: it is very far from the steering wheel, and they have to really stretch. Clearly, that time will pass and you'll get used to it, or grow your fingers, but still, how long to wait then? The rest of ergonomics brand manufacturers Brilliance M2 model came more serious and more claims against it does not. Even the standard basic set of Brilliance M2 price is very affordable, is actually a maximum, since it includes everything from system to stabilize the electric window with closers.

It's a pity only that the manufacturers have supplied Brilliance M2 only one engine. The machine is equipped with a 1.8-liter engine from Mitsubishi, whose power of 136 hp With the duties he copes well. With him you're not a fair oschuschaesh black car in the flow of the city, but that anneal it will not work. At low revs pulling is not bad, but without a hitch, but to get the full power of the engine brand Brilliance models M2 to turn right up to 4000 rpm. Peak torque is reached only when the motor is 5000 rpm. It is a pity, because the suspension tuning is designed so that it seems as if the car could cope with more power, while not losing control. At the same brand manufacturers Mitsubishi Brilliance M2 to borrow and the chassis. For the most part it is similar to the previous generation Galant suspension, which focuses on the U.S. market, with one difference is that this car is more enchanted by the dynamic driving than comfort. On it does not mean that the machine is unable to be comfortable. About Brilliance M2 reviewers say you need to select just a straight road. And then you catch up with happiness, however, is quite expensive, because in the M2 Brilians price is quite small, but in terms of price quality he has few rivals in Russia. On iznosostokoysti judge until hard, but the warranty to two years or 50,000 kilometers suggests that Brilliance M2 parts you'll buy less frequently. Although Ukraine's warranty of five years or a hundred thousand kilometers, the country causes of such discrimination.

Another not unimportant aspect is that in heaven, turn on the car is half a year. This is despite the fact that there cars are doing, almost in every village. This means that manufacturers brand Brilliance in M2 did their best.

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Edmunds Car Reviews

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Edmunds Car Reviews were at large recognized as a good source of information for control sometimes more in vehicles. While car just suggest only criticism is his specialty.

Note that there were plenty of alternative things available on their website. They offer a database of services for cars, which can be beneficial when you buy a newer car. Among other things, the recommendation suggests ubiquitous on car purchase / sale, pricing tools, and things are connected to an alternative world of cars.

You will find the notes and the last car ratings used car in the courtesy to their criticisms. Not to be confused when it comes to celebrating many of their comments. Edmunds may have the opposite kind of comments. For example, there may be a box where there is a review made in a model completely, and perhaps a review of each examination highway. These can be combined.

The notification takes comment from a standard features of a review of car. You can find information about a garden and an indication of a passenger car, which is opposite with the newest and / or a car involved. They will then be missing a car produced by all areas, with an opening at a speed of a car.

You can find information on alternative cuts in light of the subject - perhaps as new, another study (in particular, sometimes the most renouned models are huge differences between the special pieces, like a hybrid to cut).

For new cars or used, we will be funding to name a few as good as an indication later review. You will be expected to see the comments for a year now / past / and even happens.

Select the review we have been negligible in the display. You may have to appoint a board to go to a review. After stretching, we will have ways to review for consideration.

It will also be a means to investigate the latest cars as good as seeing the prices of the cars used by a model. This can be a major help if you want an opinion as good as they were careful when buying a car.
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Top Cars to Consider for 2012 – 2012 Car Reviews

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Many U.S. consumers wait until the last part of the model year for the purchase of their vehicles or waiting until they can find a car that is one year, with low miles. Regardless of when you purchase your vehicle always make sure you know what you are buying a vehicle inspection service before purchasing.

This is a great article on new cars Nicole Rodgers popular in 2012 ...

Cars to be considered for 2012

Have you ever wondered about the cars you might consider for 2012? There are a variety including hyrbids, an electric car, a Corvette, Camaro, a Toyota, Volkswagen, a jeep, and more.

BMW i3 City Electric Car is designed to provide a driving range of 99 km away from the engine to the rear of the car. The batteries are installed on the floor. The car has been designed to be driven up to 100 miles per hour and is equal to 150 horses. Cargo can be positioned in front or behind the frame. Machine to sell $ 35,000.

Toyota Prius C is designed to offer great gas mileage because of all the hybrid cars at affordable prices. The vehicle sells for less than $ 20,000. The sports sedan is designed for "fun to drive." The manufacturer of the vehicle gives the best mileage of any hybrid cars on the road, which is not a plug-in

The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 offers up 500 horsepower V8 engine. He was scheduled to be released in the spring of 2011. Although it is designed to be refined, the vehicle of $ 45 000 must also provide a quick tour that you want.

Hyundai Veloster provide up to 40 miles per gallon, but it is larger than the Honda CR-Z Hybrid and Mini Clubman. Because of its light weight 2600 pounds. The car has a more spacious cabin, high mileage, but is not a hybrid. The vehicle is designed to give great mileage, while it is larger than the other cars that offer the same performance, and was created to be sporty at the same time. The car will sell for about $ 20,000.

Toyota / Subaru Sports Car FT-86 is lightweight and has 200 horses and 250-horsepower version of Toyota, and Subaru model. Cars are expected to sell about $ 25,000.

LZ1 Chevy Camaro

ZL1 Camaro has a V8 engine made by Cadillac, which offers 550 horsepower You can drive 0-60 mph in less than five seconds. A vehicle for sale for $ 42,000 is $ 48,000.

The Ford Focus ST has variable valve timing and direct injection 2-liter 160 horsepower. The vehicle is expected to debut in early 2012. The focus will be turbo as much as larger vehicles with an engine with 250 horsepower. Designed to be resistant tires, great brakes and suspension set. The car will sell at least $ 25,000.

Volkswagen Golf R has 280 horsepower and a six-speed transmission. The car will be available in two styles and four doors and will have gas mileage 20% better than the old Volkswagen R32. It will have a sports exhaust, new brake discs and stability control settings.

Ford has improved cooling, better tuning of the suspension, Recaro racing seats, perhaps, speed rated performance tires, and two exhaust. Could sell $ 23 000 or less.

Mitsubishi Evo XI in 2013 released in February 2012 will be bigger and more refined gives better gas consumption.

Mini paceman has 300 horsepower.

Corvette C7 is the engine, the power, 400-450, weight and better fuel economy. Could sell $ 50,000.

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Evaluations begin; may the best car win

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This is the time of year when most things are stored for the winter, but for builders, which is the beginning of early 2009.

And many new models entering the market, the choices become confusing. So to make sense of many new cars coming to showrooms next month, the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) is holding its annual Test Fest driving.ca and provide the daily updates.

This is an annual extravaganza, held in Niagara-on-the-Lake, where about 75 writers car - all members of AJAC - assembled to drive the vehicles are completely new or significantly revised models next year.

Vehicles, from compact cars to luxury SUVs, are pushed back in real life and put in a closed circuit of more than four days of testing.

Each writer then grades the vehicle on a number of factors and will submit its score on a ballot. The international accounting firm KPMG, and tabulates the votes. The results are kept confidential, even from AJAC, until the winners in each category are announced

Friday, October 24th, the winners will be selected. These winners will then go to compete with the title of Canadian Car of the year, as well as the Canadian Utility Vehicle of the year, a difference that leads to a large sales and marketing of the automobile, but also consumers, For example, what makes a great machine.

General car of the year winners will be announced in February 2009, the Canadian International in Toronto.

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Car Review - The Cattle Post Has A New Friend

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Car Review - For a long off-road segment was dominated by Bakkies Toyota Hilux, but lately, the driver of the SUV made a round of other brands so the success of the Nissan Hardbody and Navara among other brands. Now a new player in town, with the launch of the new Volkswagen Amarok.

The car was placed on local streets during the last month is a breath of fresh air in this very competitive segment. This is a great barbecue with a large carved panel VW gives the appearance dominant hard to machine.

Under the hood of Amarok can boast a two-liter diesel EDTIB begins 400nm of torque and about 120 kilowatts. A change of gearbox six-speed manual will give you a pretty good balance, as such, you will never get a sense of encouraging the use low power on or off road.

The German automaker says the Amarok has a fuel economy figure of 7.9l/100km, but a more accurate figure looming out there and is quite impressive given the size of the beast "voluptuous.

Those who are environmentally conscious, but they still need to drive a pickup truck is great to feel less guilty of pollution Amarok is the amount of C02 208g/km, is the best character for this segment. Amarok is available in Double Cab variant of this engine, and two options for a turbocharged 90 kW TDI engine and a 120kW EDTIB mentioned in this article.

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