This Site is Dedicated to The Car GAZ M-20

Posted by zideacamp on Friday

On our site contains interesting information on the history of the car's victory, its modifications. The technical section has a background in performance cars and tips on her masters repair and maintenance recommendations for tuning. It is told of similar vehicles in foreign countries. Of those that influenced the creation of Victory and of those who copied her. On the site you can download pictures, video GAZ M-20 and even music to mp3, dedicated to the victory. A lot of technical documentation, magazine articles and drawings. At the forum you can find like-minded people to discuss the latest news, as well as to sell or buy a victory or spare parts from the M20. Legendary Soviet GAZ-20 - not just one and a half tons of metal, this car was an epoch of the domestic automotive industry , his first, and probably the only real victory. Assessing Russian victory, the American Journal of Science and Mechanics in 1957, wrote: Calm in the ruts in the corners and during acceleration. Good on difficult roads, if you do not hurry. On the road keeps excellent. For its size, is very stable - probably because of the weight and power springs. A journal for the Auto Age in 1953 reported that U.S. engineers carefully examined and considered the victory of the workmanship in many ways different. Body parts for many of the characteristics of manual labor. Here and there one can consider the traces of files, but, in general, the quality of the body very good. The British authoritative magazine The Motor after extensive testing conducted by Russian Victory Day observed: The design of the "Victory" provides, above all, reliability and the ability to drive long distances in the country, where the roads are bad, and service stations are few and far between. The beauty of lines and high performance sacrificed practicality and utilitarian purposes. However, despite this, the fact that the attention paid to details such as the cigarette lighter device, heaters and other indoor facilities, indicates that such equipment is valued in Russia as everywhere else. Many of the machines and still serve their owners by faith and the truth. For the victory secure as a bank, as strong as a safe and simple as a bicycle.