'Mother Proof' Car Reviews

Posted by zideacamp on Wednesday

When you are looking to buy a new car, you will find all the technical information available so much nonsense? Any idea what all the facts and figures mean, when you drive the mall?

Early Show correspondent Melinda Murphy has the story of a woman who has transformed everything is in English.

Kristin Varela look at your morning routine, you might think he is the business stay-at-home mom: supermarket car, when his daughter to school, picking up dry cleaning, but what we call things, Varela calls business research .

"You know, I'm on this mission," he said. "This search for the quintessential mom-mobile, and motivates me."

Varela is the founder of motherproof.com, a site offering a different kind of review of car.

She explains, "Mother Proof is a print column and website focusing on the car again vital for women in general and mothers in particular fun, self-critical, too."

When the lines as: "a strange layout and ergonomics, a pause and the strange case of the parking rate (which is a technical term, by the way) to throw me the loop."

It 'clear evidence Mother is not your typical gear head. Proof mother was born of frustration of a mother looking for a new car.

Varela said: "The first step was to examine their online, read car reviews - to limit my choices in this way and I really have not found any information that was essential for me, everyday life as a mother." .

It was found that the information in a typical car review (displacement - "Do not know what it is," she says - compression ratio - "no matter" he said - horses - "Not interested," he said) 's very important for mothers t.