This Site is Dedicated to The Car GAZ M-20

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On our site contains interesting information on the history of the car's victory, its modifications. The technical section has a background in performance cars and tips on her masters repair and maintenance recommendations for tuning. It is told of similar vehicles in foreign countries. Of those that influenced the creation of Victory and of those who copied her. On the site you can download pictures, video GAZ M-20 and even music to mp3, dedicated to the victory. A lot of technical documentation, magazine articles and drawings. At the forum you can find like-minded people to discuss the latest news, as well as to sell or buy a victory or spare parts from the M20. Legendary Soviet GAZ-20 - not just one and a half tons of metal, this car was an epoch of the domestic automotive industry , his first, and probably the only real victory. Assessing Russian victory, the American Journal of Science and Mechanics in 1957, wrote: Calm in the ruts in the corners and during acceleration. Good on difficult roads, if you do not hurry. On the road keeps excellent. For its size, is very stable - probably because of the weight and power springs. A journal for the Auto Age in 1953 reported that U.S. engineers carefully examined and considered the victory of the workmanship in many ways different. Body parts for many of the characteristics of manual labor. Here and there one can consider the traces of files, but, in general, the quality of the body very good. The British authoritative magazine The Motor after extensive testing conducted by Russian Victory Day observed: The design of the "Victory" provides, above all, reliability and the ability to drive long distances in the country, where the roads are bad, and service stations are few and far between. The beauty of lines and high performance sacrificed practicality and utilitarian purposes. However, despite this, the fact that the attention paid to details such as the cigarette lighter device, heaters and other indoor facilities, indicates that such equipment is valued in Russia as everywhere else. Many of the machines and still serve their owners by faith and the truth. For the victory secure as a bank, as strong as a safe and simple as a bicycle.
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Looking for The Best Prices on Cars in Showrooms in Moscow - You've Come to The Right Place

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GS-Trade Company is working on the Russian automotive market since 2001. For several years, providing services for the sale of cars in Moscow auto show our constantly improved and developed. Today GS-Trade - this successful company and one of the best dealers in Moscow, who is the leader in sales of foreign and domestic brands of cars and offers the best prices. Employees GS-Trade - a team of professionals who constantly improve their knowledge by passing an annual training courses. Therefore, among the managers of other dealers Moscow specialists GS-Trade has always distinguished by competence and mindfulness to each client, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews, our grateful customers. GS Trade is a dealer in Moscow on 14 popular brands: Chery, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Hyundai , Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, ZAZ, TagAZ, find models that can be represented in our showroom. In addition, GS-Trade has its own financial department GS-Finance, which works with more than 12 partner banks. We have everything that makes us the best among the other major car dealerships in Moscow:

  • In the dealer showroom GS-Trade, convenient credit programs that allow a couple of hours to become the owner of a new car;

  • Discounts in our showroom are more attractive than in many salons in Moscow;

  • During the years of our dealership has won the trust and has received positive feedback from the partner banks to sell cars in Moscow (VTB 24, Sberbank, Rosbank, etc.). This is eloquently high percentage of approval of applications and the ability to provide customers with preferential tariff rates on the loan;

  • In the auto center GS-Trade in Moscow, in addition to a wide selection of the most popular cars are scarce models and their integration, which is not in the new showrooms. This will allow you a convenient time to buy a car in Moscow without spending time on the reservation;

  • In our salon you can always get more advice from the experts. They not only answer your questions, but also help select the optimal model among a wide range of products, will tell what the discounts will save on buying a car in our showroom;

  • Car Dealer GS-Trade - one of the participating in the recycling program in Moscow with us, you can sell both the old and buy a new car at a bargain price;

  • Addresses of dealers in Moscow do not always have a convenient geographical location. This can not be said about the car show GS-Trade. To us, you can get without complications both at public and in private transport.

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    'Mother Proof' Car Reviews

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    When you are looking to buy a new car, you will find all the technical information available so much nonsense? Any idea what all the facts and figures mean, when you drive the mall?

    Early Show correspondent Melinda Murphy has the story of a woman who has transformed everything is in English.

    Kristin Varela look at your morning routine, you might think he is the business stay-at-home mom: supermarket car, when his daughter to school, picking up dry cleaning, but what we call things, Varela calls business research .

    "You know, I'm on this mission," he said. "This search for the quintessential mom-mobile, and motivates me."

    Varela is the founder of, a site offering a different kind of review of car.

    She explains, "Mother Proof is a print column and website focusing on the car again vital for women in general and mothers in particular fun, self-critical, too."

    When the lines as: "a strange layout and ergonomics, a pause and the strange case of the parking rate (which is a technical term, by the way) to throw me the loop."

    It 'clear evidence Mother is not your typical gear head. Proof mother was born of frustration of a mother looking for a new car.

    Varela said: "The first step was to examine their online, read car reviews - to limit my choices in this way and I really have not found any information that was essential for me, everyday life as a mother." .

    It was found that the information in a typical car review (displacement - "Do not know what it is," she says - compression ratio - "no matter" he said - horses - "Not interested," he said) 's very important for mothers t.

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    Car Reviews: Best Of 2011

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    The awards season is at hand, then it is normal to receive the best artists in the categories of favorite Los Angeles: the automobile. Our job as a vehicle editors times we got behind the wheel of dozens of vehicles last year. Breakout stars, including two new electric vehicles: the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt. Luxury models from Porsche, Jaguar and has impressed with his style and power. The new Jeep Grand Cherokee, an American classic, has a big thumbs up. Fans in the cheap seats is that there is something for them: one of our cars have a label to earn only $ 19,690. There were also some vehicles that do not measure up. So let's display the red carpet and recognize some of the soloists and the losers of the 2011 model year.

    Source: Los Angeles Times
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    Car reviews - Toyota Yaris Performance

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    Since its launch, three engines, two petrol and one diesel, will be available. The essence of entry-level 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine with a five-speed manual transmission, which is best suitable for running around town. The engine produces 68bhp and 93Nm of torque, which is more than enough to move around the city - but it must be worked hard when on the open road. This release supports 15.3, or what looks like an age to get to 62 miles per hour and has a top speed of 96 mph. The gasoline engine 98bhp 1.33-liter, however, is a good choice if you are shopping for a car that is suitable for long journeys and road works. The pulling power of 125Nm gives a more relaxing trip, and it will finish 0-60 mph sprint in reference 11.7, with a top speed of 109 mph when equipped with manual transmission or six speeds. There is an automatic transmission optional Multi Drive S, but it may be too noisy unless you put it in manual mode and use the steering wheel levers to shift gears.

    Overtaking is a single lane roadways are designed, but enough to zip to the end of such movements. The supply of diesel 89bhp 1.4-liter D-4D, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. This version can run sprints reference 10.8se a top speed of 109 mph in a position to help.

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    Car Reviews - Toyota Yaris Summary

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    This is the third generation of the Toyota Yaris and think it is so good that it will take sales from the first-class Fiesta, Ford. This is a bold statement. Old Yaris is a graduate of reliability, a spacious well-built cabin, a range of strong economic drivers and low operating costs. In addition, sharper styling and some of the best residues in the class, and it should do well. Is it good enough to beat the best in class?

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    2011 Honda Accord

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    The 2011 Honda Accord has made some minor changes to this year’s model that makes it better than ever. The Accord nameplate is one of the most storied names in the business in our car reviews and ratings. Among its many awards, it has been named one of Car and Driver’s 10Best List 24 times. The Honda Accord continues to stay in the spotlight for good reasons. Critics praise its massive interior space – the government actually categorizes it a large car – strong resale value and impressive long-term reliability.

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    Avanza Full Modification

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    Avanza Full Modification

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